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Resources to help you 10X your effectiveness and efficiency*

*unless your effectiveness and efficiency is 0, in that case 10X-ing that won't help much.... Life's too short to be wasting time reading stuff and doing things that are unnecessary. The tools and information found here will help you become an efficient hacker.

FREE Preview of: Keep Getting Stuff Done - (Part 1 Mindset - with Audio and pdf)

Don't buy the full guide without previewing it first!In this part, you'll learn the techniques to get yourself into the right mindset.  You can only...

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FREE version of: Google Sheets - in 30 minutes or less (Basics of Sheets and pivot tables)

Don't buy the Google Sheets course without checking this out first!In the free version, you'll learn the basics of spreadsheets and even pivot tables!  In...

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Google Sheets - Learn the useful stuff in 30 minutes or less (Full Course)

Don't waste your time on a 2+ hour tutorial, learn the most useful features of Google Sheets the efficient way - in less than 30...

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FREE PlannerCard - Weekly planner designs

Note: this is the free version with just the weekly planner designs, the complete package comes with no branding and many other designs - but...

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Keep Getting Stuff Done - Full Guide with Audio

7 Action Items for using Google Keep efficiently...  this is not just a user manual for Google Keep, you will increase your productivity in...

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PlannerCard - All designs (incl. Eisenhower, Priorities, ONE thing)

Several times, I've pulled out my phone to jot something down only to forget what the heck I was doing because I got distracted by...

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Article Images That Convert

Quickly and Easily create featured images for your blog posts that will make people want to click and read more!Here is a showcase of all...

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