Article Images That Convert by Ambrose

Article Images That Convert

Design your own images that convert casual skimmers to engaged readers


Quickly and Easily create featured images for your blog posts that will make people want to click and read more!

Here is a showcase of all the images

Here's everything you'll get

9+ Designs to get traffic to your articles (and more coming):

  • Create eye catching title images with 4 designs fit for Medium/Facebook/YouTube videos
  • Make a simple, yet effective logo just by replacing an image and inserting a few letters
  • 2 slogan and quote designs that convey your message - square style, which is fit for Instagram
  • Show off several of your photos at once with the portfolio image design (also fit for Instagram)

Google Drawings Instructional Videos and Tips

  • Learn how to insert royalty free images right from Google Drawings
  • Learn how to use images from computer to Instagram
  • Learn how to use image masks in Google Drawings

Bonus Templates

  • Make an Infographic to attract more eyeballs (great for Pinterest)
  • Make your own printable greeting cards to send to friends and family

Access to new designs when available.

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 3 text files


Social Graphics - the efficient way (Instructions)
456 KB
The design templates
All the 9+ templates on Google Drive
Tips and Tricks
Instagram: There is no direct way of uploading a picture to Instagram from your desktop, but here's a quick workaround
How to search only for actually free images from
Bug in Google Drawings when you try to export a long infographics - and a workaround
Using Google Drawings - The instructional videos
Bonus: Infographic created from scratch
Choose which object goes on top
2 mins
Add text on semitransparent shape
3 mins
Mask an image to create an 'magnifying glass' effect
3 mins
Quarter fold Greeting card from scratch
4 mins
insert charts (which can be updated by changing the Google Sheet)
2 mins
Using Camtasia (preview video - adding a title animation)
07 Making title animation.mp4
4 mins

Resources to help you 10X your effectiveness and efficiency*

*unless your effectiveness and efficiency is 0, in that case 10X-ing that won't help much.... Life's too short to be wasting time reading stuff and doing things that are unnecessary. The tools and information found here will help you become an efficient hacker.


Do you have a sample of images?

Yes, head to (clickable link is in the description)

Do I need to pay for software to edit this?

Nope. You just need a free Google account. You edit it in an online editor called "Google Drawings". No Adobe software required!

How do I get those nice backgrounds and stock photos?

Pexels and Pixabay are the top places to get them. In this course, I'll show you how to quickly insert images into the editor without saving it to your hard disk first.

How is Drawings better than Canva/PicMonkey?

With Canva and PicMonkey, it always feels like there were always premium features that can only be unlocked if you paid for it. Like Canva and PicMonkey, Google Drawings an online image editor, but unlike these two, Drawings has no upselling or fees. What Drawings lacks however, are templates for social media, which is why these templates will help you.