FREE PlannerCard - Weekly planner designs by Ambrose

FREE PlannerCard - Weekly planner designs

Kill your distractions and plan your tasks OFFLINE


Note: this is the free version with just the weekly planner designs, the complete package comes with no branding and many other designs - but don't buy it until you've tried it - you'll get a coupon code tomorrow for 50% off when you print and try this free version.  Thanks for checking this out!

Are you constantly distracted with emails and other online notifications?

The Planner Card is the leading sticky note organization solution that helps you increase your concentration and remove all distractions by taking the planning and brainstorming OFFLINE.  The rectangles are perfectly sized to fit small sticky notes.

How does this work?
Once you've downloaded the pdf:
  • print it on cardstock paper - > my Amazon affiliate link!
  • fold in half
  • fold bottom half again to make a stand
  • write down the ONE thing you will get done for each day of the week (get this done FIRST)
  • place this in front of your monitor where you will see it

What's included?

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free weekdays-stand-horizontalNotes.pdf
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free fullweek-stand-horizontalNotes.pdf
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free weekdays-stand-verticalNotes.pdf
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