Keep Getting Stuff Done - Full Guide with Audio by Ambrose

Keep Getting Stuff Done - Full Guide with Audio

Learn how to be as productive as possible with Google Keep... all in less than an hour!


  • 7 Action Items for using Google Keep efficiently...  this is not just a user manual for Google Keep, you will increase your productivity in 3 days
  • Speed Through It. Unlike the 100+ pages of guides like Evernote Essentials, you'll be done reading this no-fluff guide in 45 minutes or less.
  • What's Google Keep? Think digital post-it notes with reminders and tags.  It syncs between the web browser and phone app (iOS and Android).  It's free.  Really free as in no ads, no nags, no add-on purchases.
  • No more excuses! You can get organized and plan out your tasks (and your life) efficiently with Google Keep. Stop forgetting, stop spinning in circles, start Getting Stuff Done!
  • For the price of a dinner, you will learn the most effective strategies for organizing your life that will pay for itself 10 times over in 3 days

What's included?

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Google Keep Audio Part 3 - productivity tips and final words.mp3
5 mins
Google Keep Audio Part 1 - motivation and your mindset.mp3
10 mins
Google Keep Audio Part 2 - the how to.mp3
15 mins

Resources to help you 10X your effectiveness and efficiency*

*unless your effectiveness and efficiency is 0, in that case 10X-ing that won't help much.... Life's too short to be wasting time reading stuff and doing things that are unnecessary. The tools and information found here will help you become an efficient hacker.


Does Google have any documentation for Google Keep?

Yes, they do, but it just shows you what the features are and doesn't teach you how to use it effectively - and how to make the most use out of the features. This guide covers both the what and the how.

I like Google but I worry that they will discontinue this service. How do I know they won’t?

That is a totally valid concern. There is no guarantee that Keep (or any online service) will be decommissioned. As of now, there isn't a desktop application for Keep that saves notes for offline access (though you can still access notes in airplane mode on your phone)