PlannerCard - All designs (incl. Eisenhower, Priorities, ONE thing) by Ambrose

PlannerCard - All designs (incl. Eisenhower, Priorities, ONE thing)

Kill your distractions and plan your tasks OFFLINE


Several times, I've pulled out my phone to jot something down only to forget what the heck I was doing because I got distracted by checking my emails and messages...
If you've ever set out to do something only to end up on Facebook or replying to emails, it's not your fault.  Smartphones and apps were made to get its users addicted.  Facebook is meant to keep you engaged.  They use all these psychological tricks (like stroking your ego by telling you X people liked your post) to keep you wanting more of this feeling.  It's time to shut all this off.
That being said, even if you buy the Planner Card, I can't guarantee that you will be successful (eventually, it is up to you to actually do your planning offline) - so if you're the type of person who doesn't want to try new ways of doing things, then don't bother buying this.

But if you are tired of constantly getting distracted with emails and other online notifications, take action and use the leading sticky note organization solution to help you increase your concentration and remove all distractions by taking the planning and brainstorming OFFLINE. 

Pick a card that works for you and rarely get distracted again!

How does this work?
Once you've downloaded the pdf:
  • print it on cardstock paper - > my Amazon affiliate link!
  • fold in half
  • fold bottom half again to make a stand
  • write down the ONE thing you will get done for each day of the week (get this done FIRST)
  • place this in front of your monitor where you will see it

Just print with a regular printer and cardstock paper
If you don't have a printer, email me and I will snail-mail you 2 designs of your choosing for FREE (US addresses only).

Looking for a wallet sized solution? Here you go.

If you want to see what it looks like on paper before you buy, you can get a version of the planner card for free here.

What's included?

File Icon 14 files


Design 1 fullweek-stand-horizontalNotes
863 KB
Design 2 weekdays-stand-verticalNotes
887 KB
Design 3 weekdays-stand-horizontalNotes
894 KB
Design 4a priority-landscape Full Page
880 KB
Design 4b priority portrait Full Page
889 KB
Design 5 kanban-landscape Full Page
855 KB
Design 6 one important thing
859 KB
Design 7 Eisenhower matrix
887 KB
Holiday Cards
183 KB
HolidayCard-Design 2
182 KB
HolidayCard-Design 3
184 KB
PNG files - make your own card on
Design 1 fullweek-stand-horizontalNotes
132 KB
Design 2 weekdays-stand-verticalNotes
124 KB
Design 3 stand-portrait-colored-landscapePostit
133 KB

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What type of paper do I use?

You need 8.5x11 cardstock paper. Amazon referal link:

What's included?

3 pdf files (each with a unique design) with placeholders for your sticky notes.

I can just use my monitor, why this?

Suppose you want to take your notes with you to a meeting, it's going to be pain to unstick, and restick the notes back. But if you're cool with using your monitor, go ahead.

Can I buy these individually?

Yes, head to